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Sunday, January 20, 2008



  • Toshiba Satellite Pro 460CDT
  • 1996
  • Intel Pentium MMX, 166MHz
  • 32 MB
  • C&T F65554
  • 12.1" 800 x 600 TFT LCD display
  • 2 GB harddrive
  • CD-ROM
  • 100BASE-TX (Xircom RE-100 Cardbus NIC)
Operating Systems
  • Windows 2000 Professional
  • Accupoint mouse
  • IrDA infrared port
  • 33.6 /14.4 Kbps Data/Fax/Voice modem
  • Lexmark 3200 Color inkjet printer
  • HP Scanjet 5400C scanner
When iorek became the kids' computer I couldn't get the printer and scanner to work as Lexmark didn't offer Macintosh drivers and HP insisted on charging for them (only available on CD). So, I set up twoears to be a print server and scanning station via remote control using VNC. The printer and documents folder are shared so my other computers can print to and scan from it.

Even after optimizing Windows to work in 32MB of memory, though, it still doesn't work very well. I'm going to have to dig up some more RAM for it or find drivers and install Windows 98 instead.

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